Composite cord strap

Composite Strap (Cord Strap) is the latest development in non-metallic shipping strapping technology and most commonly used. Made from High Tensity Polyester Filament yarns embedded in a polymer coating, Composite strapping is often referred to as "Synthetic Steel". Incorporating all the benefits of bonded and woven poly strapping, Composite strapping offers additional advantages like high abrasion resistance and the highest possible joint efficiency in the buckle. These capabilities are completely unaffected by climatic circumstances. Composite Strap offers the highest printing quality and can be supplied in a wide variety of fine colors. Composite Strap can be applied in a limitless number of applications. It is known to be the safer, stronger, easier to use and cost effective alternative to almost all applications where steel strapping is currently being used.

Polyester Cord Strapping and Accessories

Polyester cord strapping is manufactured from polyester fibers, yielding one of the strongest non-metallic strapping materials available. It can be applied with hand tools, using buckles or seals, or it can be tied.

Sl.NO. Tag No. Strap Width
( ± 1 MM)
Linear Breaking Strength (Kg.)
(+/- 5%)
System Breaking Strength (with buckle (Kg.)
(+/- 5%)
1 MPL - 13 13mm 200 350
2 MPL - 13 13mm 290 500
3 MPL – 16 16mm 285 475
4 MPM – 16 16mm 400 675
5 MPH – 16 16mm 500 850
6 MPL – 19 19mm 380 670
7 MPM – 16 16mm 465 810
8 MPH – 19 19mm 625 1100
9 MPL – 25 25mm 650 1150
10 MPM – 25 25mm 800 1400
11 MPH – 25 25mm 950 1575
12 MPL – 32 32mm 1000 1750
13 MPM – 32 32mm 1200 2100
14 MPH – 32 32mm 1550 2550
15 MPL – 34 34mm 1600 2600
    Benefits Of Cordstrap Composite Polyester Strapping:
  • As strong as steel.
  • Safe for users & receivers.
  • Cost effective.
  • Does not damage your products.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • High retained tension.
  • High system strengths.
  • Printable with your company name & logo.
  • Tested & certified by Germanischer Lloyd.
  • Light-weight & portable.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Will not rust or rot.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Re-tensionable.



During securing the cargo, tensioners are required for tightening straps with buckles.

    Normally manual tensioners are used because:
  • It allows to apply tension in very easy & user friendly way.
  • It is made from hardened steel material & high quality steel body.
  • It has less wear & tear problems compared to automatic tools.
  • It has very low initial cost.
  • It is very light weight tool.
  • Can be used at multiple locations as taking it from one place to another is easy.
  • Long life & easy maintenance.

Automatic Tool for Lashing (Strapping)

    We have pneumatic tool which has having following features:
  • Good ways of tensioning can be handled especially when the strap cannot be pre-tighten around the package.
  • By its high tensioning force the pneumatic tensioner guarantees the optimum pretension of textile and composite strap up to 34mm widths. The integrated cutting device allows working without previous cutting of the used material and therefore most minimum consumption of strapping material.
  • Very rugged design for professional application.
  • Especially suitable when pre-tightening of the strap is not or only very restricted possible.
  • Low weight, app. 3.8 kg and thus easy handling.
  • High tensioning power, max 7.500 N.
  • Always constant tensioning by prefix of the working pressure.

We can arrange demo at customer's site to show the performance of this pneumatic tool.

We have team of service engineers with all spares available at Pune so as to render quick after sales services to customers.

Strapping Trolleys (Dispensers)

  • It is a portable device for keeping strapping products.
  • Strapes can be placed securely in this trolley.
  • It is very easy to handle.
  • For operator, it is very useful as keeping strapes, buckles & tensioner at one place is possible due to this trolley.
  • Helps in having good housekeeping as all required products are in one place while securing the cargo.