Packaging Films

Stretch Films

Stretch wrapping is a leading method for unitizing, bundling and pallet wrapping of goods. Enwrap provides its customers with different Stretch Wrap Packing solutions. Polyethylene packing has a considerable impact on the way we handle both industrial and consumer goods since it was first developed. There is no other packing that offers the same advantages at the same cost. Stretch Film is an easy and effective way to secure palletized goods and help to avoid dirt and moisture.

Shrink Films

Enwrap Provides also environmentally friendly type Polyolefin (POF) 5-Layer Co-Extruded Shrink Film is now widely used in the world. We supply high performance polyolefin shrink films for a wide variety of packaging application.
Our shrink films wont discolour, or brittle with age and freezing temperatures. available in various thicknesses and widths.